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We are Ivy Hall

We are a Pre K through 8th grade private school based in Provo, Utah that cares greatly about raising the next generation of leaders.


Having small class sizes allows us to spend more time with each child to understand their needs and customize their education accordingly.


We strive to hire only the best teachers and encourage their continued learning so your child has the best opportunities for success.


We focus on creating an environment that promotes faith and respect for others. We believe that it’s not enough to raise smart people, they should also be good people.

Meet the Teachers

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim
  • Mrs Tyler
    Mrs Tyler
  • Mrs Liechty
    Mrs Liechty


“It’s amazing to see how much Lorelai has grown.”

—Kaitlin Mann

“I’ve watched my child’s confidence grow every year”

—EJ Caffaro

“Every child, regardless of learning style, has the chance to flourish.”

—Renata Tymoschenko

Meet Principal Liechty

We would love to have you meet the Principal and take a tour of the school. Share some details and we’ll get in touch!

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